Sometimes Chromebooks need to be restored, we've also noticed that chromebooks coming back from repair, the manufacturer will sometimes reset the device back to factory settings. We’ve also noticed that the repair facility will sometimes leave a random test login profile on the machine.

First Method: Reset using USB recovery key

Google Documentation: 

Install the Chrome utility in a Chrome browser:

Shutdown the Chromebook, hold the "esc" and refresh key when starting up until you get to the recovery screen. From there it’s on autopilot while it restore it back to factory settings.

Second Method: Reset from the device

These methods only erase the device and set it back to the original preserved ChromeOS on the machine. Not an actually erase and reinstall of the ChromeOS.


Located the reset button on the back or side of the machine that you hold while the device is booting up.


Shutdown the machine, hold the escape and refresh key and start it up. It might take you a few tries, but you should eventually get this:


Press Ctrl+D


Press Enter


Press Space bar

Press Enter



It should reboot on it’s own, but sometimes it seems like it doesn’t respond until I press “Enter”

Then you will get the following screen and need to enter a wireless network in order for it to connect back up with our Chrome management system.

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